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The Best Part of Being “The Best”

By Dennis Donahue.

2016 is off to a great start professionally and personally for me.  St. Louis Small Business Monthly is honoring me in its January edition as one of “The Best Patent Attorneys In St. Louis”.   Professionally, that means we here at CreatiVenture Law are top notch in the services we provide, right along side other great practitioners in both small and large big-name firms.  But it means even more personally, because it affirms the mission I had when I left  a partnership in big firm to start CreatiVenture Law.  You see, I am a technology geek with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I was a working engineer for a decade.  Then I was the guy who sought out those creative work-arounds and unrecognized inventions from the regular people making airplanes at a major aerospace company.  As an attorney and partner at a big law firm, the geek in me wanted to do more than just rack up billable hours writing patents and other documents.  It was hard to not be able to service the small business owner, inventor, or would-be entrepreneur who might not be able to immediately be that “big account.”  So I took the leap, as many of my current clients have done, to start my own business and focus on the entrepreneurs and the people who are becoming the backbone of our economy.  And what a great group they are.  I have some great relationships with my clients, because I really do enjoy the things they bring to me.  I have an eye for things they may not have thought was worth protecting.  I love go to their entrepreneurial events.  I geek out not only on their ideas but on the plans we come up with for smartly turning those things into profit and a better life.  It also such a great feeling to keep away the bad guys who would seek to infringe upon those ideas.  It means a lot to me when the professionals who work with me and my business know me, fight for me, and actually care.  And what a great feeling it is to know I can do that for others!  Mission accomplished.

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