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Protecting Entrepeneurial Freedoms: SHIELD Act

By Dennis Donahue

  As we remembered those who have given their “last full measure” to so many rightful causes of freedom of which we are the beneficiaries, I would like you to consider taking a positive action on the security of conducting business in the US.  I am extremely thankful for the freedoms that our forebears instituted in our country and that our current service members continue to protect.

  There is currently an unjust field of battle in the federal court system when abusive patent infringement actions are brought against entrepreneurial businesses by non-practicing patent holders.  I hope that you read Professor Crouch’s summary of the SHIELD Act below, and if you agree with my points, I hope that you contact your congressional representatives to tell them that they should support the SHIELD Act and join with your industry organizations to mobilize others in this cause.

Entrepreneurial Spirit is Alive & Well

  As you know, CreatiVenture® Law is an intellectual property law firm dedicated to entrepreneurs.  As a group, entrepreneurs work hard to advance their businesses, products, and systems, and the leaders of entrepreneurial ventures want to rightfully protect their technological improvements and intellectual property assets.

 Patent Infringement Abuse Draining Lively Companies

  In comparison, there are many non-practicing patent holders (derogatorily known as “patent trolls”) that are NOT entrepreneurial and instead feed off of very lively and entrepreneurial companies.  I believe that the SHIELD Act is a way to curb some of the abuses that have occurred recently with non-practicing patent holders that wrongfully use the patent laws and an unbalanced legal system in the US to extort money from healthy companies.  I am sharing with you a good summary of the SHIELD Act that Professor Crouch has shared through his Patently-O blog (see below & Shield Act – www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr845).

Professor Dennis Crouch – PatentlyO


 Curbing Abuse While Protecting True Entrepreneurial Spirit

  If you believe that the SHIELD Act could be a positive step for society to even court battles between operating businesses and non-practicing patent holders during patent disputes in the federal courts, I encourage you to contact your congressional representatives and work with your industry organizations to support the passage of the SHIELD Act in a way that protects true entrepreneurs who are protecting their IP assets and curbs abuses by non-practicing entities.

US Congressional Representatives – www.house.gov/representatives/find/

US Senators –


US Congress – http://beta.congress.gov/


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