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A Helpful Tool

By Linda Lewis.

One of the advantages of using the public library is that you see books you probably would never see elsewhere.  One Saturday afternoon, I spotted displayed at the Eureka public library, The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.  It had an intriguing subtitle:  Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. Pictured on the cover was a 1950’s type bike with a sack of money on the back. How could I possibly pass that one up?

I started reading the book that evening and was impressed with the format.  Instead of it being another dreary business how-to book, it was a collection of fascinating success stories with an over-arching theme:  this is something you can do.  Quoting Guillebeau:

…this book isn’t about founding a big Internet startup, and it isn’t about opening a traditional business by putting on a suit and begging for money at the bank.  Instead, it’s the account of people who found a way to live their dreams and make a good living from something they cared deeply about.  What if their success could be replicated?  What if there was a master plan you could follow, learning from those who have made it happen?

This book resonated with me, because at CreatiVenture Law, we are dedicated to entrepreneurs.  Many of our clients are people who are trying “to live their dreams and make a good living.”  Perhaps this book would be good resource for them.

I got on line and checked the website www.100startup.com.  There was a tab for The Tour.  To my awe and wonder, I found out that Guillebeau was coming to Columbia, MO on January 29!  That was the next week. Who would have thought the only spot in the mid-west that was on his tour was Columbia.  (Eat your heart out Chicago!)  I reserved my spot and planned my trip.  Of course, it was the afternoon of thunderstorms and tornado alerts along IH 70, but that did not deter me.  I had 20 copies of The $100 Startup locked in my trunk, ready for author signature, and I was a very motivated woman.

It was a great night.  People from as far away as Iowa showed up.  Many had businesses and many wanted to start their first business.  Chris was a low-key, yet fascinating speaker.  He was positive and encouraging.  When I sheepishly asked him to sign 20 books, he was more than willing.  I think that actually he was glad to have sold 20 more copies of his book.

Since then, I have been giving clients and friends copies of the autographed book.  I think I’ll save one for myself.  In a time of high unemployment and financial challenges, this book is a tool that can help the entrepreneur.  Check it out and see what you think.  And if you need help with your intellectual property, be sure to contact CreatiVenture Law.

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