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The Rare Ability to Create Something of Value

By Linda Lewis

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Booker T. Washington, who founded Tuskegee Institute in 1881 at the age of 25, is one of my heroes.  He was a contemporary of George Washington Carver, another of my heroes.  By the time of Booker T. Washington’s death in 1915, Tuskegee Institute had grown to 2,000 students and a faculty of 200 teaching 38 trades.  In 1905, visitors came to Tuskegee from 16 countries, including Africa, India, China, Japan, Poland and Russia.

Booker T. Washington was born a slave in 1856 and emancipated in 1863.  His pursuit of education as a small child is chronicled in his autobiography, Up from Slavery, which I highly recommend.  His philosophy of educating the newly freed black men and women was simple:  If a person contributes something of value to his community, he will be valued by his community.

Harvard President Charles W. Eliot spoke at Tuskegee’s 25th anniversary in 1906, stating:

“By 1905, Tuskegee produced more self-made millionaires than Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined.”

Booker T. Washington stated:

“Anyone can seek a job, but it requires a person of rare ability to create a job…What we should do in our schools is to turn out fewer job seekers and more job creators.”

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We see this entrepreneurial spirit almost daily at CreatiVenture Law:  The spirit of creating something of value.  And my job is to help entrepreneurs protect what they create.  That’s what makes my law practice so exciting.

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